Can you love a student loan? Absolutely!

What are SoFi Private Student Loans?

SoFi Private Student Loans launched in 2019 with a goal to create private student loan products that help students pay for school easily. SoFi helps students and parents make smart financial decisions through transparency, tons of resources and support, and modern customer-first solutions.

Which are better, federal loans or private loans?

In the spirit of transparency, SoFi strongly believes you should exhaust all of your Federal grant and loan options before you consider SoFi as your private loan lender.

Do SoFi Private Student Loans have any fees?

There are zero fees for SoFi Private Student Loans. Zero. That means no late fees, no origination fees, no application fees, no insufficient fund fees or any fees of any kind. When we say zero fees, we mean zero fees.

Get competitive-rate in-school loans that work for you. SoFi makes the process simple—so paying for school is stress-free.

  • $250 principal reduction on your student loan.1
  • All online. All easy. We’re making it easy to apply and add a cosigner to your application in minutes.
  • No fees. No fuss. No fees means no fees. That means no origination fees, no late fees, and no insufficient fund fees. Period.
  • Repay your way. SoFi has flexible repayment options to help you find the loan that fits your budget.


Your Guide to In School Loans

Find your rate in just a few clicks.

1 For applicants who apply for a private student loan through the American Bar Association Insurance Program. SoFi will make a one-time principal payment towards the borrower’s loan balance after the first disbursement date. This one-time principal payment will not relieve borrowers of their obligation to make any regularly scheduled monthly payment. SoFi in its sole discretion reserves the right to change or terminate this principal paydown program at any time, with or without notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.