Supplemental Executive Benefits

ABA Insurance's core competency has been to assist law firm benefit administrators and partners to make important risk management decision when it comes to their disability and life insurance offerings. ABA Insurance's unique consultation process provides law firms of any size the expert guidance they need to create value for their team.

Getting Started

We begin by conducting a comprehensive review of your firm’s disability and life insurance plans which may include a contract analysis and peer benchmarking as well as a cost and experience audit.

When we Meet

We will further discuss your goals and objectives relative to our findings. Your feedback will dictate the next steps and if plan improvements are recommended and approved we can work with your benefits team on an implementation timeline.

Plan Enhancements

Our findings often accompany specific recommendations which are designed to:

  • Protect the plans long term costs.
  • Improve guarantee issue limits
  • Liberalize contractual provisions to attorneys

Plan Administration

Our benefits team specializes in managing the initial and ongoing plan communication, personnel changes, bill reconciliation, claims and renewal negotiations. Many firms appreciate our approach to service, as we help to free up their internal resources, allowing them to focus on other benefit related matters.

Important Questions to ask yourself about your current Plans

  1. Benchmarking - Are your firm’s plan limits competitive with compensation levels and peers?
  2. Qualifications - Do plan definitions coordinate with your firm’s Partnership agreement?
  3. Plan Offsets - Are plan offsets too restrictive and potentially limit plan benefits?
  4. Age Reductions - Are age based benefit reductions impacting Partners who are working longer?
  5. Price Guarantees - Are 100% of your plan costs variable and subject to claims & short term guarantees?
  6. Portability - Can Partners and attorneys maintain life insurance post retirement at affordable rates?

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Frequently Asked Questions