Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Claims involving employment issues comprise a significant amount of today’s civil litigation. No organization is immune to employment practices liability litigation, least of all law firms. The ABA Insurance Program is excited to bring to law firms coverage designed just for you with Berkley Select. Berkley offers comprehensive EPLI insurance coverage that offers industry-leading coverages and risk management services for small, midsize, and large firms. ABA members can depend on state-of-the-art policy and coverage features, with year-round risk management services and resources at your fingertips.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Program designed for firms of all sizes with coverage focused on your firm
  • Limits of liability up to $5 million and as low as $250,000
  • ABA Member discount on premium
  • Policyholders receive complimentary loss prevention tools that include a hotline for providing workplace issue consultations and a dedicated website containing articles, sample documents, and other key resources.

Policy Highlights:

  • Duty to Defend policy language
  • Full prior acts coverage
  • Third party liability coverage for claims brought by nonemployees for harassment or discrimination
  • Coverage for failure to make partner
  • Automatic coverage for subsidiaries
  • Modified settlement clause
  • Damages include punitive or exemplary damages up to the limit of liability, where insurable
  • Broadened definition of claim to include tolling agreements
  • Coverage extends to any nonprofit controlled by the entity

For more information about Employment Practices Liability Insurance offered by Berkley Select just for ABA member firms, please call 1-855-874-0811 or fill out the form above.

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