Identity Theft Protection

Basic services provided by credit card companies and banks are not enough to protect you and your family in today’s highly connected landscape. Our 360 degree protection offers the most valuable identity protection services at an affordable price so you can rest easy.

  • What is Rapid ID Recovery?

    With Rapid ID Recovery works to minimize the risk of identity theft with 360°, comprehensive coverage – providing ABA members with peace of mind.

  • How does it work?

    Rapid ID Recovery protects ABA members with its four stages: Prevention, Monitoring, Alerts, and Resolution.

    • Prevention: Stay informed with 24/7 certified identity theft specialists and other available resources to safeguard your personal information, including opt-out services reducing pre-approved direct mail campaigns and/or marketing phone calls.
    • Monitoring: Monitor your identity risk level, track your credit profile, access identity theft protection tips and respond to alerts with an easy-to-use online platform.
    • Alerts: Receive alerts if suspicious activity, such as changes to your credit profile or if high risk transactions related to your identity are found.
    • Resolution: Have 24/7 access to comprehensive resolution care with certified identity theft resolution specialists available to help restore your identity and prevent further damage.

With Rapid ID Recovery, you get more than credit monitoring or protective software – you get complete coverage to protect all of your assets carrying sensitive data.

Coverage is available in individual, couple, and family plans.