Personal Group Umbrella Insurance Plan

The ABA endorsed Personal Group Umbrella Insurance Plan helps safeguard against personal liability incidents that fall beyond the limits of coverage provided by your auto and homeowner’s policy. The plan provides you and your family up to $5 million in personal liability protection and the legal defense you may need in the event of a covered incident or personal liability lawsuit.

The ABA Umbrella Plan is underwritten by Chubb, a leading property and casualty underwriter in the U.S. that is rated A++ (Superior) by A. M. Best & Co.

Plan Features

Designed to supplement your auto and homeowner’s policy, the ABA Plan offers:

  • Choice of coverage limits - Flexibility to select coverage limits from $1 to $10 million, with a rate per million dollars that is progressively lower.
  • $1M in coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection.
  • Single group rate - The Plan covers household family members, your homes, including your residence, a vacation home or condominium, and qualified residential housing properties provided each does not exceed a four-family dwelling , all owned vehicles, and a variety of recreational vehicles. You, your spouse and all other household family members receive the same basic protection, without age restrictions. Dependent Children living away at school are considered residents of your household, and are also covered. In addition, the Plan offers coverage for actions of your household pet.
  • Other liability protection - Offers personal liability coverage for claims arising from libel, slander, and false arrest.
  • $100,000 Kidnap and Ransom coverage - Provided for the insured, spouse, and other household family members for reimbursement of ransom monies and related expenses.
  • Coverage for identity theft expenses - The Plan automatically includes identity fraud coverage―providing payment up to $25,000 for each occurrence.
  • 24/7 worldwide coverage - Travel anywhere, anytime, knowing you are protected.

In today’s world, maintaining personal liability coverage is essential. Get the quality coverage and peace of mind you deserve.

3 or 4 family homes are only covered if the participant lives in the dwelling

Rates and Additional Information

Amount of Coverage Annual Premium
$1 Million $915
$2 Million $1,268.42
$3 Million $1,477.59
$5 Million $1,800.11
$10 Million $2,794.44

Annual premium quoted for 04/01/2024 to 04/01/2025 term. Coverage is effective the first of the month following enrollment request.

Premiums shown are for a 12-month period and include all applicable taxes/fees.


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