Group Medicare Program

Enhance your current employee benefit program at no additional cost to your firm. Your future retirees will appreciate the Medicare Concierge program with ABA’s exclusive Group Medicare Plans. The ABA Insurance Program enables you to continue to offer traditional group medical coverage to Medicare-eligible retirees from your firm while helping reduce your financial risk.

Medicare is an essential source of health insurance for people 65 and older. It is also extremely confusing. Left on their own, many individuals make the wrong enrollment choices, opening the door to potentially significant financial costs. As an ABA member, you can give your employees access to a trusted Medicare resource for medical and prescription drug insurance at no cost to you.

Note; Law firms with less than 20 employees can also use the ABA Group Medicare Program to reduce health insurance costs for active partners and employees who are Medicare-eligible when they turn 65. Learn more about how the Program can be used to reduce the cost of small group health insurance premiums for those who are Medicare-eligible by filling out our contact form.

Why Offer the ABA Group Medicare Program to your firm?

  • Enhance your current employee benefits package - Your employees worked hard for many years and are used to group plan access. Now you can send them off with the guidance and access to exclusive plan options they deserve instead of letting them navigate the Medicare world as an individual.
  • Your current and former employees will have access to exclusive ABA Group Plans that are not otherwise available to individuals* - Group medical and group prescription drug plans are available for them to choose from each year.
  • Receive personalized plan advice - Only available to ABA members and their firms. The group buying power of the ABA means your employee won’t be treated as an individual when they go out on their own. The benefit of this could be financially significant.
  • Large firm retiree benefits for every size employer - The group buying power of the ABA means firms of any size can experience group plan options like large firms are able to provide to retirees. Whether you’re a firm of 2 or 10,000, the ABA Group Medicare Plan has a solution for you.
  • Your firm can easily enroll in the program with zero cost and financial liability - Plus, we will provide you with a toolkit of information you need to effectively communicate to your employees so they can call us and take advantage of this program when the time is right.
  • Compare your current retiree program - If you currently offer a group Medicare plan for retirees, ask about how that plan could be supplemented or replaced with the ABA Group Medicare Program.

You have always been the trusted source for your employee’s healthcare needs. Your employees will need help with this next chapter of their lives as they go into retirement, and the ABA Group Medicare Program now has the answers. We encourage firms of any size to speak with a specialist today to ensure active and retired workers can access the full spectrum of services.

* Some benefit plan options may not be available in all states.

How Do I Enroll My Firm?

Complete the form above to have a proposal prepared for your firm

Call with the team to discuss program details and the ease of implementation

Utilize our program tool kit that can be easily shared and communicated to employees effectively

Send all future retirees to the program when they are ready for their Medicare Journey

Feel comfortable in knowing your firm is helping employees beyond their retirement dates at no cost to the firm