Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

When you consider your family's long-term financial needs - home, mortgage, child and eldercare, saving for college and retirement - even two-income families can face financial hardship if a wage earner has a covered injury or dies in an accident. This coverage is not only affordable, but is designed to complement your existing life insurance coverage and help you prepare for your family's financial future.

Plan at a Glance:
  • Members* who are age 64 and under may apply for up to $500,000 of coverage in $10,000 increments.1
  • Spouse/domestic partner age 64 and under are eligible for up to 50% of the member benefit.2
  • Spouse/domestic partner and children (together) are eligible for a benefit that is a percentage of the member benefit: 40% for spouse/domestic partner and 10% for children.
  • Coverage ends at age 75.3
  • Special features and additional benefits may apply in certain situations if a death benefit is paid.
    • Seat belt(s) are in use;
    • Air bag(s) are in use;
    • Traveling on a common carrier (i.e., commercial airline)
    • Child care center, child education, spouse education, hospital confinement

Benefit Amounts and Semi-Annual Rates

$100,000 $300,000 $500,000
Member $13.80 $41.40 $69.00
Member and Family $18.60 $55.80 $93.00

Frequently Asked Questions and Plan Exclusions and Limitations