Cyber Liability

Law firms can experience enormous expenses associated with a data breach, including privacy notification expenses, crisis management expenses, business interruption, extortion threats and the recovery of vandalized data, but CyberERM by Chubb for law firms helps protect you against this. The Chubb CyberERM policy includes:

  • Comprehensive cyber liability (third-party) and expense (first-party) coverage
  • Third Party cyber liability coverage can be tailored to sit excess of your LPL coverage and drop down to provide primary coverage when triggered in the absence of LPL coverage
  • Helps fill in the gaps for breaches and internet liabilities that do not arise from the "Professional" services of the law firm
  • Includes insurance for privacy notification and crisis management expenses, even when not required by law. Crisis management expenses may include the cost of legal counsel and an information security forensic investigation
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Coverage for Regulatory Defense expenses, including fines, penalties and economic redress
  • Pre-incident loss mitigation services and post-incident services available

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