Cyber Liability

As an attorney, you have an obligation to protect client information and therefore need to secure your computers and computer systems. USI Affinity is excited to bring law firms coverage designed just for you. Offering comprehensive cyber insurance coverage with three core components to assist entities in managing their computers, privacy, and other related risks.


  • Program provides special endorsements designed for firms of all sizes—solo practitioners, small firms or large firms; coverage is tailored and focused on you
  • Comprehensive cyber liability (third-party) and expense (first-party) coverage
  • Ransomware included up to full policy limit
  • Cyber Liability coverage, including eCrime/social engineering, with loss limits up to $250,000
  • $0 retention for legal and computer forensic services*
  • Business interruption coverage, including systems failure
  • Knowledge Center with risk management services that include:
    • Cyber Training
    • Cyber Assistance Center
    • Unlimited Advice
    • Incident Response Hotline
  • Broad definition of a cyber event to prevent gaps in coverage between first- and third-party

* Coverage options are subject to variation based on state regulations and individual carriers. We strive to find the most suitable offerings for your specific needs.

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