RAPIDecision Life Insurance

Requesting a free, no-obligation term life insurance quote is now faster and easier than ever. As an ABA member, you can get a personalized term life insurance quote in just minutes from a top life insurance carrier, Fidelity Life. It's that easy to start helping protect your family's financial future. Start Now!

*Quotes are provided for informational purposes and do not constitute an offer of insurance. Fidelity Life Association is licensed in all states and the District of Columbia, except for WY and NY. RAPIDecision Life (Policy Form ICC11-F4000) may not be available in all states. A two-year suicide exclusion and contestability period applies (one year in some states). All applications are subject to underwriting approval. Our NAIC number is 63290.

Sample Term Insurance Rates

Age: $500,000 $1,000,000
35 $22.62 $35.24
45 $40.89 $70.90
Age: $500,000 $1,000,000
35 $20.88 $29.14
45 $36.10 $62.20

You qualify for coverage by completing our initial underwriting process, which includes answering some questions about your health history. In most cases, you should receive coverage within 24 to 48 hours of applying, if approved.

Your policy* is initially a blend of two types of coverage. A portion is level premium term life insurance – this pays a death benefit for any cause** of death. Another portion of the coverage is an accidental death benefit – this pays an additional death benefit in the case of accidental death.

After the policy is issued, at your convenience, a paramedical exam will be scheduled.

Based on the results of your exam, the company may adjust the blend of coverage initially provided (e.g., increase the portion of the policy that pays for all causes of death), at no additional cost to you.

You have up to six months after your policy is issued to schedule your optional exam. If you undergo a medical exam and it is then discovered that your health is worse than you knew it to be when you completed your application, your policy benefits as originally issued will not change for the term of years selected. If your health is as good or better than you reported on your application, the medical exam verification may allow you to eliminate or reduce the portion of coverage that pays only in the event of accidental death.

* In some cases policy can be issued with 100% level premium term life insurance with no further medical underwriting required.

** Death benefits payable for any cause of death except those specifically excluded in the policy - please consult policy wording for details.

The monthly rates provided are based on non-smoker preferred.

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